Ultrasonic measurement
Prosonic FMU30

Cost effective all-round instrument for level applications in liquids and bulk solids

  • Prosonic T FMU30 ©Endress+Hauser
  • Prosonic T FMU30 ©Endress+Hauser
  • Prosonic T FMU30 waste water application ©Endress+Hauser

The range of applications extends from monitoring levels in sewage treatment plants and process water tanks to applications for loading, storage and buffer tanks. The FMU30 offers proven software algorithms and all warning and alarm messages are shown on the four-line plain text display and guarantee fast remedy of problems. The envelope curve can also be shown on the display. As the analysis results are displayed directly on-site, this ensures quick and accurate error diagnostics.


  • Quick and simple commissioning via menu-guided onsite operation with four-line plain text display, 7 languages selectable

  • Envelope curves on the on-site display for simple diagnosis

  • Linearization function (up to 32 points) for conversion of the measured value into any unit of length, volume or flow rate

  • Non-contact measurement method minimizes service requirements

  • Installation possible from thread G 1½ or 1½ NPT upwards

  • Integrated temperature sensor for automatic correction of the temperature dependent sound velocity

Ámbito de aplicación

Two-wire instrument for continuous non-contact level and flow measurement.

  • Process connection: 1½" or 2" thread

  • Temperature: -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)

  • Pressure: +0.7 to +3bar (+10 to +44psi)

  • Maximum measuring distance:
    Sensor 1½" for liquids 5m (16ft) and for bulk solids 2m (6.6ft),
    Sensor 2" for liquids 8m (26ft)and for bulk solids 3.5m (11ft)

  • Blocking distance:
    Sensor 1½" 0.25m (0.8ft),
    Sensor 2" 0.35m (1.15ft)

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Casos de éxito

  • Access to relevant device information helps the wastewater treatment plant optimize its maintenance
    The link to our control system means we can quickly identify the device should an error occur, and quickly re-order the right replacement device or suitable spare parts.

    Hanspeter Reist

    Head of projects & processes, ARA Thunersee

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  • Doug Lopshire, Industrial Competency Center Manager at Louis Dreyfus, USA
    The cost reductions have enabled us to capture a return on our investment in just six months

    Doug Lopshire

    Industrial Competency Center Manager, Louis Dreyfus Commodities

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  • ArcerlorMittal Zenica puede ahora tomar las decisiones adecuadas para reducir sus costes energéticos
    Nuestras Soluciones y Servicios permiten a ArcerlorMittal Zenica tomar las decisiones adecuadas para reducir sus costes energéticos

    Emir Krgo

    Head of production sector, Energy Plant Department, ArcelorMittal Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Optimizing the clinker production performance

    Total energy cost can represent 65-75% of variable costs in the process. To save energy, we help improve clinker production with integrated online monitoring and optimized fuel management.

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  • Thickener optimization to reduce production costs

    Easy monitoring of data from all critical measuring points at a concentrator will help you increase plant availability, process safety and energy savings.

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