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Wastewater treatment plant

Aeration wastewater treatment with efficient resource use

Enhanced oxygen and nutrients measurement optimizes the aeration process and sustains compliance

Aeration wastewater treatment accounts for approximately 60% of the total energy consumption in wastewater treatment plants. Energy consumption is the main cost driver in wastewater treatment, and its optimization is one if the many challenges faced by plant operators also having to meet ever more demanding safety legislation. Our online oxygen and nutrient measurement solutions not only drive energy savings in aeration control, they enable demonstrable improvements in biological processes.

How we can help

Our advanced monitoring solutions enable optimal control of the aeration process, reducing energy and chemicals consumption whilst continuing to satisfy all current legislation.

  • Advanced monitoring of environmental parameters for reliable bacteriological processes

  • Improved nitrification process control for reduced ammonium usage

  • Precise oxygen measurement for optimal energy consumption of the blower


Simplified aeration monitoring

Reliable aeration requires the accurate monitoring of the multiple environmental parameters necessary for optimal bacteriological processes, such as oxygen, pH, temperature and suspended solids. Such monitoring increases greatly the complexity of management of the modern wastewater treatment plant.

Simplified aeration monitoring
Our expertise in the field

Our fully integrated wastewater treatment monitoring solutions reduce the complexity of all required analysis measurement points in the aeration process, enabling reliable and efficient plant management.

  • Effortless maintenance and calibration of your monitoring system

  • Manage up to 8 measuring points of similar or different parameters with our multichannel transmitter

  • Open communication interfaces sustain system integration and smooth operations

Reduced ammonium levels

The first step in nitrogen removal, nitrification, requires precise monitoring through ammonium reduction, a significant cost driver as liquid analysis of this kind often requires the integration of further substances to enable measurements.

Reduced ammonium levels
Our expertise in the field

Our reliable, easy to use and durable technologies for measuring ammonium concentration throughout nitrification enable the operator to react early to ammonium level disturbances.

  • Integration of reliable sensors with high repeatability

  • Monitor with easy to use instrumentation

  • Optimized lifecycle costs with lower maintenance and fewer consumables

Flexible, accurate oxygen control

Monitoring and sustaining the oxygen levels vital for a reliable aeration process can lead to significant energy costs for the wastewater treatment plant. Plant operators rely on fast response times and low maintenance of equipment.

Flexible, accurate oxygen control
Our expertise in the field

Our oxygen monitoring solutions can be flexibly adapted to your requirements, delivering reliable and accurate results rapidly.

  • Oxygen levels are controlled by comparing the measured oxygen concentration and the oxygen set-point

  • Optical and amperometric sensors installed according to your requirements

  • Optimized blower usage for reduced energy consumption

Learn more about the wastewater and the aeration process

Wastewater process ©Endress+Hauser
Biological treatment ©Endress+Hauser


Endress+Hauser offers a complete range in instrumentation with regards to measurement principles and portfolio. In combination with state-of-the-art digital technologies, even complex treatment processes can be monitored reliably and precisely, improving efficiency and reducing costs. And, eventually, our service technicians will be available to support you with comprehensive services including traceable and accredited calibrations and site audits through the entire plant life cycle.

  • 30%

    of the energy costs at most can be saved using our solution for aeration control

  • 7000+

    patents and patent applications

  • 10 million

    devices installed worldwide

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