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Record number of new apprentices

In the tri-border region, 100 talented young people are beginning their apprenticeship or dual study program at Endress+Hauser for 2022/2023

Publication date: 27.09.2022

The sales and production centers and the IT service provider for the Endress+Hauser Group located in the tri-border region offer various apprenticeship and university study programs. These programs are spread over locations in France (Cernay and Huningue), Germany (Freiburg, Maulburg and Weil am Rhein) and Switzerland (Reinach).

The 100 young people now embarking on their careers include 82 apprentice trainees plus 18 participants in dual study programs in technical and commercial fields of occupation.

Endress+Hauser has established the goal of doubling the number of apprenticeship and internship positions worldwide over the next three years. The number of positions in the tri-border region also increased by more than 30 over the previous year. “Well-trained employees are the basic prerequisite for successful growth,” says Jörg Stegert, Chief Human Resources Officer of the Group. “In addition, we view training, education and job creation as part of our corporate social responsibility.”

Practice-oriented programs

The company enjoys a reputation as an attractive apprenticeship employer in the region. The wide range of vocational training opportunities generates a great deal of interest. The Group continuously analyzes where improvements and adjustments are necessary. These efforts have led to the creation of new areas for apprenticeship training in Maulburg and Reinach over the past few years.

The program content is constantly adapted as well. At Endress+Hauser Flow in Reinach, for example, three new vocational occupations will be added to the program for the 2023/2024 training year.

The Group also enables participation in practical training and education programs through various internships and positions for university and college students. In Germany, for example, the company collaborates with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW).

Endress+Hauser also offers a popular program that combines college/university studies and vocational training. The program will be expanded as a result, including plans to eventually offer it at the Stahnsdorf location on the outskirts of Berlin.

Cornerstone of the future

“Endress+Hauser training and education programs create future opportunities for young people,” emphasizes Jörg Stegert. “Our goal is to develop and retain employees – and that applies to our apprentices as well. We offer nearly every apprentice an employment contract upon completion of their vocational training, and these are gladly accepted,” he adds.

Despite the predominately positive response, the company has observed a downward trend in interest in technical careers among young people. Endress+Hauser is attempting to counteract this through measures such as a research center for high school students in Maulburg, which aims to sustain interest in technical subjects among young people. The research center, which is currently under construction, plans to offer its programs by the end of this year.


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